Eating Healthier – 2017 Resolutions

If we could have a magic wand and take a sneak peek into the resolutions of everyone in the world, we’re sure eating healthier is one of the items on the list.  Consumers are getting more and more savvy and don’t buy into the confusing and sometimes untrue claims of big corporations set on making big profits for themselves. Educated consumers are now seeking healthy alternatives and demanding for healthier food choices.

Meals, Snacks, even seasonings. Given the explosion of the number of start ups that serve healthier food direct to clients, it’s clear that this is a void that needs to be served.

Healthy food

Food is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle and the fuel that you put into your body determines the output i.e. your overall health. People are now zero-ing on food and eating habits to solve chronic illnesses like diabetes and even trying to track the relationship between serious illnesses like cancer and the food that the patients consume.

Studies have proven a link to carcinogenic foods and cancer but that hasn’t stopped the billion dollar food industry from producing them. It has gotten to the point where its a ‘ caveat emptor’ situation, rather than the sellers being ethical about it.

However consumers are becoming more intelligent and are becoming more conscious about their food choices. More and more food outlets are revamping their menus to cope with increasing demand from health conscious consumers. More and more people are also opting to cook instead of eating out as they have more control over the ingredients that goes in.

Organic vs Non-organic

Consumers are increasingly aware that conventional farming practices utilize alot of fertilizers and pesticides which can protect the crops from pests but are unfortunately harmful to humans.

The alternative is to go organic but there comes the issue of the high prices. A good place to get fresh organic ingredients are at farmers markets or, in Singapore, because of the lack of land, at fairs like the monthly ones at the Goodman’s Art Center’s monthly fairs.

What to eat

The media likes to highlight hot new health foods like chia seeds, qunioa, coconut oil, flaxseed, acai berry and goji berry, but don’t overdose on these hot new fads especially if they are going to create a dent in your wallet.

When purchased at stores which sell organic produce, you are paying for a lot more than the product itself. Alternatively, you can get items like organic chia seeds at a discount in Singapore if you order from websites like

Buying Health Foods in Singapore

There are plenty of stores selling organic items but these tend to serve upmarket clientele. Don’t


Its 2017! What’s your resolutions for the new year?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, (or nursing a wicked hangover) you’ll probably be aware that we’ve entered the new year.

Bye Bye 2016, Hello 2017.

And with the start of every new year comes new resolutions.

To be healthy, to increase your fitness levels, to be smarter in putting money aside for investments, to increase knowledge, to pick up a new skill, to achieve a new goal and the list goes on and on and on.

This website has been revived to keep you updated about events so that you can meet those new goals. Think of it as a helping hand to a better and more improved new you.